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After AOP: Academics

after AOP academics

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Changing Your Class Schedule

Students prepare their class selections with their academic adviser in order to satisfy both college and MSU graduation requirements and explore various academic programs. Class schedules cannot be changed by the AOP Office once a student leaves orientation. The MSU enrollment system is closed for students until Monday, August 29, 2016. If you have questions regarding your schedule, contact your academic adviser.

Changing Your Academic Major

Prior to Orientation, you can change your major two weeks before your assigned orientation date. Call our office at 517/355-8332 to make the change. You can also change your academic major at AOP after check-in or at scheduled times in the AOP Office. Note that no major changes are possible after you attend AOP until classes begin in August.

Buying Textbooks

There are a number of bookstores within walking distance from campus. One bookstore, the Spartan Bookstore, is located on campus in the International Center.

Whether you purchase your books before or after your classes begin, is really a personal preference. When you go to buy your books, bring your fall class schedule. The bookstores are organized by course subject. Once you have found the correct subject, find the appropriate course number and section. You will find that books are either required or recommended. Generally, required books are needed for the class as provided by the professor. Recommended books supplement the course topic. These books will aid in understanding the topics covered in the course. Once classes begin, your professor will supply you with a required list of textbooks for the class on the syllabus. The bookstores will receive the book list before classes begin.

Students may order textbooks from area bookstores, or from other stores in their local area or online.

Remember to save your receipt in case you change your class schedule or your professor changes the textbook selection for the class.

Attending Summer Sessions

Would you like to take a class during the summer while you are working at home? With Summer Sessions, you have lots of choices! Courses are offered on MSU’s campus in East Lansing, off-campus across the State of Michigan, online and abroad! There’s something for everyone!

Summer Session Information: http://www.summerstudy.msu.edu/

Summer Session Off-Campus Locations: http://www.summerstudy.msu.edu/offcampus.asp

Finding Your Classes

On your class schedule there maybe hall abbreviations like BCC, EBH, or FAE.

Find out where your classes are located: http://maps.msu.edu/




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