Family Orientation Program FAQs

Registration FAQs

How do I register for Family Orientation?

As we near the upcoming semester, the NSO office will communicate important information regarding family and supporter engagement through a series of bi-weekly newsletters. While students complete a series of virtual checklist items, NSO staff are making plans for an optional in-person engagement experience that will occur right before the semester begins. Students, families, and supporters are welcome to attend this in-person engagement experience but keep in mind that registration is required and space will be limited. More information about registration and program details will be forthcoming as we near the semester.

Program Specific FAQs

Who is the Family Orientation for?

Our Family Orientation Program is a program designed for family and supporters of new students. All sessions offered during Family Orientation are designed to give family and supporters information and tools to help their students be academically successful as they transition to MSU.

Where can I find information about Family Orientation?

You can find the most accurate information on our website on the Upcoming Family Orientations page. Please keep in mind that we may have information about multiple Family Orientation opportunities for students entering MSU at different times.

What if I am a family or supporter of a new international student?

If you are a family/caregiver(s) of a new international student, you are welcome to participate in all of the opportunities we offer!  We also recommend connecting with the Office for International Students and Scholars for additional information pertinent to international families.

Where can I find communication about Family Orientation?

If you have registered for the program, we will communicate with you through the email address you registered with. If you have not yet registered, please check your e-newsletter for the registration link to do so. Check out our NSO Communications page for any information you may have missed.

What will the Family Orientation experience be like for students entering Spring Semester 2023?

We are curating opportunities for you to connect with campus experts, other families and supporters, and the NSO. Virtual content will be available for you to view. More specific information can be found on our Upcoming Family Orientation page. If you want to see a checklist for families and supporters, view our Family/caregiver(s) Checklist.

Are there any opportunities for me to connect with other new families and supporters?

MSU understands the importance of a sense of belonging for a student’s success. Affinity groups provide opportunities to connect with students, families, or supporters who identify in similar ways to you, facilitated and supported by MSU faculty and staff who identify and/or support those who identify in these similar ways. During these group times you can ask questions and learn about additional resources to support your success at MSU. More information about these affinity group and ways to participate is coming soon!

General Family Orientation FAQs

Where can I find some helpful resources for new Spartan families and supporters?

Visit our Family Orientation Resources page for a list of helpful resources families and supporters can explore before or after participating in the Family Orientation.


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