Orientation FAQs

The Undergraduate Orientation Overview

The New Student Orientation (NSO) experience will be completed virtually with an optional in-person onboarding experience being offered prior to the beginning of the semester. Students will complete a series of five virtual checklist ‘phases’ as they make their way through the Orientation experience.

Because orientation sets the stage for student success, all students must participate in a NSO experience, unless you meet specific exemption criteria. All important information, next steps, and deadlines for NSO will be shared through a series of bi-weekly e-newsletters, so be sure to check your email frequently.
Note: If you do not complete NSO, MSU reserves the right to cancel or defer your admission.

Registering for a New Student Orientation Experience

If you have not yet submitted your Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED), you must do so to be registered for a New Student Orientation (NSO) experience. Students starting in the spring or summer semester will be registered automatically upon depositing, because spring and summer only have one orientation experience. Log into your account to check your status.

Frequently Asked Registration Questions

What does New Student Orientation at MSU look like?

New Student Orientation (NSO) is designed to be an engaging experience that aims to welcome new students (and their families and supporters) to our community while supporting their transition to and success at MSU.

NSO occurs as a series of checklist items that students will complete leading up to the beginning of the semester. Students are required to successfully complete all checklist items before the semester begins. Once you have paid your Advanced Enrollment Deposit, we will begin to send you e-newsletters to help complete the series of virtual checklist items. Be sure to check your email often to stay updated on general information, next steps, and deadlines.

The Summer (May) and Fall NSO Experience: Students beginning their MSU academic journey during the Summer or Fall semesters, programming is still being developed. Please check back as information will be released in early 2023 about this experience.

I paid my Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED) now what?

First, CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME to the Spartan Family! New students are encouraged to begin their new student checklists after paying the deposit.  You can complete your housing information at a later date.

Why did my friend get to meet with their Academic Advisor before me?

Meeting with an Academic Advisor and completing your course enrollment is dependent on a few factors. All students must complete Part One of their New Student Orientation experience in D2L before they are eligible to meet with their Academic Advisor. Each College is managing their advising appointments differently based on many factors. Students who are participating in an additional MSU program may also have to complete additional steps prior to meeting with their College/Major Academic Advisor.

What happens if I do not complete my orientation experience?

All new students must participate and complete a new student orientation experience, unless you meet our specific exemption criteria. Please note that if you do not participate and complete your NSO experience, MSU reserves the right to cancel or defer your admission. Please contact our office if you have questions about this process.

What placement tests are available for me to complete prior to meeting with my academic advisor?

There are three placement tests that are available to students, the Math Placement Test, the Foreign Language Placement Test, and the Writing Placement Survey.

Students should complete the Math Placement Test prior to the recommended deadline in order to be pre-enrolled in some of the courses you will need based on your College/major. If you are not sure whether or not you need to take the Math Placement Test, complete our form to determine if it is necessary for you. If you would like additional information about the Math Placement Test, visit their website for more information.

If students plan to enroll in a language course during their time at MSU, we recommend that they complete the Foreign Language Placement Test. For more information about the Foreign Language Placement Test and the types of language tests available, visit their website.

Writing Directed Self-Placement (DSP) is available if you do not have standardized test scores with writing.

What if I have other questions that have not been answered?

Please check out another robust Frequently Asked Questions, which was assembled by the Office of Registration to help students navigate their transition to and time at MSU. Otherwise, please contact the NSO office at 517-884-8490 or email at nso@msu.edu for more assistance.

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