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Enrollment information 

Applicants are accepted in the order they are received and upon review, enrolled in courses until they are full. Please read the following section carefully.  

The next step in the application process is the review.  The SES team will work with the colleges to review your course selections.  If the course(s) meet your goals, you are eligible to take the course(s), AND the course is open, you will be enrolled.  

If the SES team finds that you are not eligible for a course, the course does not meet your stated goal, or the course has filled when your application is submitted, they may send an email asking you to revise your selection.  It will be important that you read this email and respond by the requested date.  If the new conditions are met, you will be enrolled in the course(s). 

Please start checking your MSU email account regularly. 


Billing information for enrollment  

After your classes have been approved, we will enroll and charge you at a rate of $100 per credit. You will see a charge appear on your account the day after you are enrolled in classes.  Within a week of being enrolled, you will see a bill with a due date in your student information portal at      

If you have questions about your bill, you can call or email Student Account Services at: (517) 355-3343, (800) 775-4323, or email – 

All registration Billing Statements are only available electronically in your student information portal. Paper bills are not mailed. An email will be sent to the student’s university provided email address when a new bill is produced. Students may authorize up to 4 guests (i.e. – parents) to also receive an email when a new bill is produced. Guests may also be authorized to make electronic payments towards a student’s account. 

The last date to drop a class with a full refund can be found on the course schedule by clicking on the section of the course.  

If you have additional questions about your bill, you can find more information on the Controller’s website. 

If you have made an error or would like to withdraw from a class, please email the SES Team. 


Course Communication 

Communication between instructors and students varies from class to class, instructor to instructor. Some of your instructors will send you notices about class a week before it starts, and some instructors might not communicate with you until the first day of class. 

Most of your classes with use Desire2Learn (D2L), MSU’s official course management system. Once enrolled, you could look online to see if your instructor has posted any information, but again, some instructors will not open class until the first day. 

Please monitor your MSU email and check D2L in the days before class starts. If you do not hear from your instructor by the end of the first day of class, then we suggest you email them directly. 



Your instructor is the best person to ask about your books, and you can see if you instructor posted books for purchase by checking D2L or the Fall 2021 Schedule of Courses in SIS. Sometimes, your instructor will tell you about books on the first day of class. 

If using the schedule page, change the search to Fall 2021, and look for your course code and course number. For example, HNF 150 section 731. When you go to that entry, you can click on the section number: 731. When you click on the section number, it will tell you important dates and textbook information. If there is nothing there, then wait for the instructor to tell you in class. 


Support services 

The Collaborative Learning Center is pleased to offer a selection of workshops and resources to help support your success in the online learning environment.  Please review the CLC page for resources available to you as a participant in the SES program. 



After you complete the class, you will need to decide if you want to transfer each course to your undergraduate record. If you do, then work with your College Director of Advising and ask them to complete an Administrative Action form to have the class move from your Lifelong Education-Undergraduate (LU) level to your Undergraduate (UN) level. 

A few points to know: 

  • You can move the class at any time, but we recommend that you talk with your College Director of Advising starting in mid-January about moving the course or courses. NOTE: you need to move the class first if it is a pre-requisite for another class. For example, if you took MTH 103 this summer and want to take a higher MTH class this year, then you need to move MTH 103 to your record first. 
  • If you earned lower than a 2.0 in your LU course(s), then you can retake the class at the UN level without permission. If you repeat a course from your LU level in your UN level, it will indicate a repeat on your UN transcript. 
  • If grade earned at LU level was a 2.0 or higher you need permission from the MSU Registrar’s Office to enroll in the same course again at the UN level. As above, this will still count toward overall repeat credits. The permission will be in the form of a repeat exception form. Please meet with your college advisor to begin the process. 
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