Spartan Early Start FAQs

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What is the status of my application? 

  • Updates are available on the enrollment page, and you can see your enrollments online at 
  • Please do not apply multiple times. 


How will I be billed for this program? 


Does this opportunity have a deadline?   

  • To process your request and ensure that you get started off in the best way possible, the deadline for the program application is August 20, 2021 at 5 p.m. 


How long will the application take me to complete? 

  • For most students, the application should only take a few minutes. If you are a first-year student with AP or dual-enrollment credit, it could take a bit longer to fill out those details. 
  • Please make sure you fill out the application accurately, as if your application has missing or inaccurate information, it will delay processing. 


What is lifelong education? 

  • Lifelong education or LLE is a status at MSU for guest students. We will enroll you as an LLE student for this class, and if you chose to do so, we will help you transfer your LLE class to your undergraduate status in the fall. 


Is participation in the SES optional?  

  • Yes, you are welcome to apply if you choose, but there is no penalty or obligation to participate. 


What if I do poorly in the class? 

  • If you do poorly in the class, you can decide to have the class and grade stay on your LLE record, which means it will not be part of your MSU undergraduate record and will not influence your GPA.  
  • You also have the option of choosing to move the course to your Undergraduate record and request an “S” grade if you earn a 1.0 or above. An “S” grade counts toward graduation but the grade does not show up on your transcript and does not count into your GPA.  
  • If you take two classes, you can decide to transfer one and not the other. 


Should an advisor help me with this process?  

  • If you have questions about classes or other issues—you can email the SES team. If you email, please give us your major, honors status, and information about any AP or transfer credit. Please use your MSU email account. We will work with advisors in your College to find the best possible answers for you.  


Will I still go through NSO before I start at MSU in the Spring?  

  • Yes, the program is available for all incoming students.  As a new student you will go through NSO in January before the start of Spring Semester.  You will receive more information about NSO in mid-November.  You will meet with an advisor and plan your Spring classes at NSO. 


How will MSU decide which students are admitted into Summer Session 2?  

  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until courses are full. Applications with errors move down the list, and if we email you with questions, your application is held pending a response from you. 


Which courses can I take?  

  • The courses available to you are listed online. The full set of MSU classes are not available for this program. 


How much will my courses cost?  

  • MSU will provide funding that makes each credit hour cost $100. If you take a 3-credit class that will cost $300. 


Do I have to take two classes?  

  • No, you may choose to take one or two classes, depending on your individual needs. 


What if I select classes, and later I want to change them?  

  • It depends when you decide to change, so please send us an email as soon as you decide. You must make your request prior to the first day of classes.  Changes are dependent on space available.  Do not apply multiple times. 
  • Know that some MSU instructors will be in contact with their students before the class starts or expect you to come to the first week with some basic tasks completed, so try to have your decision set when you apply and finalized by August 20. 


What if I decide to not take the classes after being accepted?  

  • It depends when you decide to drop, so please send us an email as soon as you decide. The drop dates are listed in the student portal in the course list.  Click on the section you are enrolled in for specific dates.   
  • Refer to the MSU academic calendar 
  • Refer to MSU drop policy 


What if MSU cancels my class?  

  • If a specific section does not meet its minimum enrollment, MSU might decide to cancel the section. If this happens, we will help you enroll in another class on the list. 


Can FASFA and financial aid cover my $100/credit rate?  

  • No. You cannot use your academic year 2021-22 financial aid for this opportunity. If you have high financial need, please email us, as some assistance may be available. 


Will honors options be available for students?  

  • Yes. Please contact the instructor for your class to arrange the Honors Option. You should contact the faculty member later than the first day of the class.  


Are there resources to help me be successful in a college-level class that is online?  

  • A great place to start is the remote learning website. 
  • We will also offer some study sessions and workshops for SES students. Watch you email for details. 


How do I know which classes to take?  

  • We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to determine the best courses for you to take. Each student has different needs based on any transfer credit, their major, etc. You can also look at the courses required for your major on the webpage for your major.  


What happens if I do not pay my bill on time?  

  • You will receive an email reminding you to pay your bill a few days before it is due.  
  • If you do not pay it on time, you will be charged a late fee and the deadline will be extended for about a week. You will receive an email informing you that the due date was missed and it will provide you with the extended date.    
  •  If you do not pay the bill then, you will receive an email and letter in the mail.  If you still do not pay your bill, you will be dis-enrolled from the class.  
  • If you are struggling to pay your bill, please reach out to the Student Accounts office at: (517) 355-3343, (800) 775-4323 or  


How do I know if my previous credits will satisfy a pre-requisite? 

If you want to check to see if your previous course credits to test credits would satisfy a course prerequisite, please check online or email us. 


What technology do I need to take online classes?  

  • Most courses offering online at MSU suggest the following technology:  A broadband (high-speed) internet connection; laptop/computer manufactured within the last four years; a Windows machine with Microsoft Edge or Firefox 3.x or a Macintosh with Firefox 3.x; screen resolution of at least 1024×768; at least a 56K modem connection to internet.  
  • Students’ computers should be able to play videos and have a microphone for class participation and assignments at times. 
  • MSU will provide students with Zoom access and other online tools. 


How do I move my class from LU to UN?  

After you complete the class, you will need to decide if you want to transfer each course to your undergraduate record. If you do, then work with your College Director of Advising and ask them to complete an Administrative Action form to have the class move from your Lifelong Education-Undergraduate (LU) level to your Undergraduate (UN) level. 

A few points to know: 

  • You can move the class at any time, but we recommend that you talk with your College Director of Advising starting in mid-September about moving the course or courses. NOTE: you need to move the class first if it is a pre-requisite for another class. For example, if you took MTH 103 this summer and want to take a higher MTH class this year, then you need to move MTH 103 to your record first. 
  • If you earned lower than a 2.0 in your LU course(s), then you can retake the class at the UN level without permission. If you repeat a course from your LU level in your UN level, it will indicate a repeat on your UN transcript. 
  • If grade earned at LU level was a 2.0 or higher you need permission from the MSU Registrar’s Office to enroll in the same course again at the UN level. As above, this will still count toward overall repeat credits. The permission will be in the form of a repeat exception form. Please meet with your college advisor to begin the process. 
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