Upcoming Family Orientation Programs

Welcome to the MSU Family! Soon your student will be participating in New Student Orientation (NSO)! Michigan State University is committed to helping your student achieve their goals. We understand the important role you have played in preparing your student for their higher education. MSU recognizes the importance of family/caregiver(s), students, and the university working together to encourage your student’s success.

We are curating opportunities for you to connect with campus experts, other families and caregivers, and the NSO team throughout the summer. Live webinars will be available for you to participate in, on topics we know you and your student will be seeking information. We encourage you to watch them together, if possible! These webinars will be held at four different times, on week day and weekend days, in the hopes of finding a time convenient for you. Can’t make it? We’ll record one for you! Recordings will be available as soon as they are transcribed!


Students with masks elbow bumping

Family Orientation

Families and Caregivers for all students starting in fall 2022 are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities we offer.

If you are a family/caregiver(s) of a new international Spartan student, we recommend connecting with the Office for International Students and Scholars and their information and opportunities for international families.

Fall 2022 NSO Newsletters