Upcoming New Student Orientation Programs

Michigan State University is committed to helping you achieve your goals. By preparing for and participating in your New Student Orientation experience, you will begin to learn more about your campus community and the resources to be a successful Spartan.

Our New Student Orientation (NSO) experience is designed to welcome all students and their family and supporters to the MSU Community. First-Year, Transfer, and International students all come together to participate in this orientation experience with the opportunity to engage with information and resources geared towards their individual needs.

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The New Student Orientation experience will take place in a series of five checkpointsThe orientation experience is for all new students beginning their Spartan career in the Fall 2023 semester. Students will learn all about MSU: specific College requirements, academic success tips, helpful resources, and will begin to build community with other incoming Spartans. Students will also meet with an academic advisor to discuss and enroll in courses. For additional questions, we will offer optional virtual podcasts and student-run help sessions throughout the summer to support students in their transition.

Students, families, and supporters will be receiving more information about the five checkpoints, including advising, enrollment, podcasts and help rooms through a series of bi-weekly newsletters via email. These emails will launch in late April and will continue throughout the summer leading up to the beginning of the semester. Students are highly encouraged to check their MSU email often as important information, next steps, and deadlines will be included.


Your New Student Orientation experience will take place in a series of five checkpoints that will occur throughout May, June, July & August. One of your first components of your Summer NSO experience will be available May 5, 2023 in Desire2Learn, or D2L. This asynchronous content will help prepare you for the rest of your NSO experience and the beginning of your first semester. You will have until the extended deadline of June 14, 2023 to complete the D2L content or risk your admission being revoked.

In D2L, you will also review information about your College/major that will prepare you for your academic advising appointment. Once you fully complete the ‘Summer 2023 NSO’ D2L course, you will be referred to your advisor and will get more information about your academic advising appointment and enrollment.

NOTE: Your advisor will send you more information about your academic advising appointment and enrollment next steps only AFTER you have completed your NSO D2L course.

Below is a general review of the five checkpoints and NSO Welcome Powtoon that you can view and follow as you transition into the MSU community:

  1. Getting started – complete the required Math Placement Assessment and other pre-Orientation surveys/assessments.
  2. Summer 2023 NSO D2L Experience – complete your D2L virtual engagement experience course to learn more about MSU and the resources available to all students.
  3. Advising & Enrollment – connect with an advisor to discuss academic advising and enrollment. NOTE: must finish “Summer 2023 NSO’ D2L course first.
  4. NSO Engagement Opportunities – engage with optional virtual podcasts and student-run help sessions.
  5. In-person MSU ‘Fall Welcome’ program – participate in an Orientation program, which will occur between move-in and the first day of the semester.